Rider Spellcheck Not Handling Documentation Correctly

The spellchecker in Rider (and probably other IDEs) is not handling the use of “an” within documentation correctly. Specifically, it fails in this use case: '…will be an <see cref="IActionResult"/> representing…".

The result of this documentation is `will be an IActionResult representing`, so the syntax is correct.
This bug seems to be pretty consistent as well. All of the below errors are the same thing. Though interestingly it sometimes has a different issue with it.


Could you please provide a full code snippet that reproduces the issue in your situation?


Tao Sun Sure, here it is:
/// <summary>
/// Handles the HTTP POST request to logout a user from the application.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="model">A model of type <see cref="LogoutInputModel"/> containing the logout-related information, such as the 'LogoutId'.</param>
/// <returns>A Task that performs the logout operation. The task result is an <see cref="IActionResult"/> that represents the HTTP response to the logout request.</returns>
Does this on many more, but it always thinks the “an” in front of things like <see cref="IActionResult"/> is invalid and suggests “and” or “any” instead.


The grammar inspector will not check the “human readable” content as you mentioned, I think that should be the root cause of the issue. 

We have a known issue similar as your situation: 

IJPL-89609 Grazie ignores the entire contents of tags in C# XML documentation, then complains about the bad grammar. 

You could upvote it in order to bring increased visibility for this issue and click “Star” to monitor the status.

It seems there is no way to work around the issue. Disable the corresponding grammar check rule in Settings | Editor | Natural Languages | Grammar and Style could help to mitigate the symptoms.



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