Can't find "Swap Sides" in Diff Viewer

According to the docs, there should be an icon in Diff Viewer to Swap sides of the diff but I can't find it and “search anything” doesn't provide an Action for it.


However, there's an action available in the Keymap:


When checking “include disabled actions”, it appears in “search everywhere”

But it can't be selected - why is it disabled?



This action is available when you are comparing two files, a file with the Clipboard contents, or when you open a blank Diff Viewer and paste the contents you want to compare.

You have opened a regular diff and compairing contents of the same file. Any special reason swap is needed there? 


The left side contains the new version of the file and that's pretty uncommon for me.


I just noticed it is not the panes that are swapped but the context menu entries


I would expect the “Stage” entry to be available on the left side and the “Revert” to be in the right side but it is flipped instead:


Can you share full screenshot?

If you are using staging area, “Staged” is on the left, and “Local” is on the right. 


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