Bootstrap 5 CSS IntelliSense


Since upgrading to Rider 24.1, no Bootstrap 5 IntelliSense (suggestions) has worked in my projects. I have only tested this in Blazor projects. Does anyone here have a solution to the problem or an answer?

I've also tested IntelliSense for Tailwind CSS and it works great.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, it’s not quite clear what the problem is. Can you please describe it in more detail? Do you get no CSS completion at all, or no completion from the bootstrap .css files? Do you have these files included in project? Does the issue occur when editing plain .html files, or? Screenshots illustrating the issue would be helpful.

Hey Elena Pogorelova ,

I'm sorry for the late reply. If I press ctrl + space to generate suggestions, then there are none. An example is that I write: 

<button class="">DEMO</button>

If I try to generate a class name by pressing ctrl + spacem, then there are none suggestions. I have tested this in old Blazor server projects and also tryed to create a new Blazor Web App project in .NET8 but no difference. Here is an image also:




Ahh ok. I see now that the updates in Rider don't work either for me so I need to download the dotUltimate package to update everything. I get the same suggestions to update plugins in Rider everyday and even if I update them they keep coming back. But that is a separete issue that I hope 2024.1.2 fixes now. Thanks for the help Elena Pogorelova !


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