Unable to install RiderLink

I'm new to using Rider, and I've been having trouble installing RiderLink. I am currently using the latest version 2024.1.2. I've tried uninstalling UE 5.3.2 and reinstalling it, on top of Rider as well. 

EDIT: Managed to fix my issues, and posted my fix in the comments.


I managed to fix the problem! On top of RiderLink plugin failing to build, sometimes when I tried to build my project or RiderLink, my entire system would freeze up or get a BSOD. It turned out that the default options in my BIOS were making my system unstable. I remember trying to fix crashing issues on my friend's computer and I found out that sometimes the default motherboard settings would try to overclock the CPU with settings higher than what is recommended by Intel. I followed the instructions in the following reddit post and everything seemed to be working now. I managed to install RiderLink to my engine with the latest 2024.1.2 version of Rider after adjusting my CPU limits, and so far no more crashes. 


In short, the steps I did to fix it were(ASUS motherboard):

  1. Save your current settings into a profile so you can return to them later if you want.
  2. Reset your BIOS to default settings, go to Advanced view at the bottom, and then “Ai Tweaker” tab
  3. Disable MultiCore Enhancement.
  4. Enable XMP(if your RAM supports it).
  5. Set SVID behavior to Typical Scenario.
  6. Go into “Internal CPU Power Management” (Wasn't mentioned in the Reddit post, but the following steps are found under here)
  7. Set short duration turbo power = 253
  8. Set long duration turbo power = 253
  9. Set max core/cache current = 307Amps

Wtluo91  Thanks for your sharing. Here is another forum post regarding the workaround of the similar problem.

We have some records of stability problems caused by hyperthreading/overclocking technologies on the high-end CPUs, reset overclocking configurations may help to mitigate the problems.


Tao Sun The problem though is that stock settings from a lot of motherboards will push the CPU past what Intel recommends. I saw that my Asus motherboard just got a new BIOS update a few weeks ago specifically to add a new profile that will set some settings to what Intel recommends is safe.


That would be great if the new recommended BIOS settings will help to mitigate the issue. I understand your worries, but currently we don't have enough information that the problem would 100 percent impact Rider, we can only resolve it case by case… The same OC settings will not only impact our IDE, but also other programs and applications.


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