Publish to folder not working


I've several Rider solutions where I'm publishing the project content to a local folder. Now I've another solution where I wanted to publish one of the projects to a local folder but when I open ‘Run/Debug Configurations’, add a new configuration with publish to folder the combo with the list of Projects is empty and there is an error on the bottom of the dialog saying ‘Error: The project is not specified or not publishable’.

There are lots of projects in the solution, most of them are .NET Framework 7.2 libraries but there are also executables and the particular project I'd like to publish is a .NET Framework 7.2 console application.

I've updated to latest Rider version 2024.1.2 Build #RD-241.15989.179 but that didn't help. As said at the beginning, it works like a charm for other solutions I'm working on but those are .NET Core solutions, don't know if that makes any difference?

Help appreciated,


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