Datasource does not get populated with current datasources

I created SQLite database from inside Rider but when I go to select this db from grid datasource property I find it empty . How I connect both grid and this database ?



If you want to create an SQLite instance for test purposes, please switch to the “In-memory” database.

Otherwise you will need to connect to your *.db SQLite database file.


I need to use actual database but when I try to select the datasource in the grid control I dont see anything . The datasource is empty like in the picture above


Rider currently cannot add data sources for the BindingSource component directly in the Winform designer. Refer to the issue here: 

RIDER-25765 No option to add data source to the project in "DataSource" properties
You may need to declare and use the binding source in code.


Wow this is important feature now I have to do CRUD of the data manually :(

Thanks @Tao Sun 



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