WPF Resources not found in Xaml

Hi all,


I have several language resource files in the form of Resources.{language}.resx situated in the ‘Properties’ folder

I can view all of them perfectly and their expected values in Localization Manger.


In the Resource.resx I have such an entry

<data name="A-Key" xml:space="preserve">

In my Xaml I have this namespace declared



However wherever I use them on control such as:


<Label Content="{x:Static {MyNameSpace}:StringResources.{A-Key}}" 

I get error “Unable to resolve symbol {A-Key}”


Can someone please point me to what I am missing.


Notes. When I delete the Resources.Designer.cs, make some changes in   Resource.resx,   Resources.Designer.cs does not get re-generated.


Normally you will not need to define the key-value entries in resx file directly, use Resource Manager could cover most of the situations.

Have a try to invalidate IDE caches in File | Invalidate Caches to rebuild the project model to see if IDE can resolve symbols you mentioned.

If the same problem persists, a sample solution that reproduces the issue could be useful. You can upload it here and share the upload ID.


I have the same problem, when I add something into the Resources.resx, the Designer.cs won't be generated or updated.

You can try the project: AvaloniaUI.QuickGuides/Localization/Localization.csproj at main · AvaloniaUI/AvaloniaUI.QuickGuides (github.com)

* Modify the resources.resx and it won't update the Designer.cs

* Delete the designer.cs and it won't generate a new one.

If I open this project in VS, it works good.

I'm using 2024.1.4.


Derekhe Thank you for reporting the issue, I have created a corresponding record on our bug tracker: 

RIDER-114521 Cannot recognize resx files with PublicResXFileCodeGenerator generator 

The issue is handled by a dedicated developer there. Please upvote it and click Watch to monitor the progress of the issue.


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