Blazor WASM hang on start

In my WASM blazor application, I am using a third party library that internally throws an internally-handled exception.  When I start my application, Rider stops on that exception.  However, if I try to disable the exception, my application doesn't start correctly.  I get the “Please wait - message”, then my screen goes blank and nothing else happens.  However, if I open up developer tools it is immediately in debug mode at a breakpoint (which I assume is the exception), and if I allow the application to resume, it continues normally.

What am I doing wrong trying to disable the exception?





May I know if the exception is a User-unhandled exception? It would be better if you could share the sample solution and I will help to investigate further. If the exception is disabled but debugger still got triggered, it could be a bug.


The exception is handled in the third-party library.  There is no unhandled exception.  Rider still breaks on handled exceptions in other libraries (which is annoying).  But when I try to ignore the exception the odd behavior happens.  

I created an issue with an example…


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