My editor font size looks different on different devices

As title said, I sync my all settings between device, but the font size looks different with the same settings.

The resolution of devices is also same(2560*1440).

Does anyone know what that the reason might be? 

If need more info, please ask me directly. Thank you very much!

(my setting ↑)


(big one, which can show 41 lines ↑)


(small one, which can show 50 lines ↑)


Hi VirrorE

One of the instances could use some scaling. Could you please try View | Reset Font Size on both and check if the size looks similar? 



Thank you for your reply, I just found that my windows screen scale setting is different, which one is 100%, while the other is 125%.

Sorry to have taken up your time, but thank you for your thought!


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