Debugging Aspire applications in Rider

When I debug an Aspire project by running the Aspire AppHost, I don't seem to be able to hit any breakpoints in the hosted API (or Blazor) apps. I am using the latest Rider Aspire plugin. Should I be updating something?


Hello Attie Heunis ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum. 

Could you please try changing the Run Configuration in an upper-right drop-down menu? 

If that did not help, could you please share the archive with logs with me from Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data? Upload the archive to our shared storage at https:/// and share the ID of the upload.

Thank you in advance. 


Thank you Anna Morozyuk ! That worked. I was running the Aspire host as a normal project. Switching to the Aspire config did the trick.


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