Rider - Blazor WebAssembly standalone app: Error running

Im run into a weird issue. Its kinda hard to explain but whenever i create a blazor webassembly standalone app and try and run it. I always get the error: `Error running 'BlazorApp2: IIS Express'` and i get this error even with https and http and it only happen on this template. If i create a web api app it runs fine.
I know its not much but has anyone else run into this error?

if i CD into the directory and run ```dotnet run``` or ```dotnet watch``` the project builds and runs correctly so i think its something to do with rider

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Have a check in your launchSettings.json file in Properties, is there anything broken, or you declared the same run setting twice?

The default Run/Debug Configurations are inherited from the launch settings. 

Also, have a try to create a WASM project by using the dotnet new command to see if it will generate exceptions as well.


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