AI Assistant (how do I change theme?)


Don't mind the messy prototype code. I want the color/theme in the AI Assistant (to the right) to match my code to the left. At the moment it's hard to read sometimes… 


Feedback: I've read some of the reviews, compared to others I actually like the AI Assistant a lot, call me lazy but it's much more nice having it integrated in the editor instead of opening separate apps/windows, that don't have access to the other scripts and so on. I use it daily. 

Please add this: I would add more buttons, like when you select code and there's a broom that says “Reformat and cleanup”, it could also make code shorter, separate long code into smaller methods etc. It's annoying constantly having to “talk” with the AI. Yes, I have become very lazy, but this is the future. 

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So far there is no way to configure code highlighting in AI Assistant, code coloring in the editor is rendered by the static analysis engine.

You can conclude your thoughts and submit a feature request on YouTrack. On the tracker, others can see your request and add their vote if they find such a tool would be useful. It helps our team to better understand which features/tools our users are eager for. I believe this can help give the best visibility for your request.


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