Where are the WPF Controls Toolbox???


I have installed the latest Rider EAP and have set up a WPF application.

However, where are the WPF controls toolbox so I can select them and add them into the XAML editor?

I never use the WPF designer, so I don't really care about that.  However, there has to be somewhere my WPF controls are located so I can see what is available to me.

Thank you…



Hello Steve,

Thank you for contacting Rider Support.

WPF Properties tool window is not yet implemented in Rider. We have a corresponding feature request on our bug tracker. We would appreciate it if you upvote the request to demonstrate additional interest for this feature.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. Have a great day!



What is taking the JetBrains Group so long to implement basic features for WPF development?

Some people are saying it is because of the .NET MAUI control set or some other implementation.  However, the fact is that most of these implementations are XAML-based, which brings them back to the same issues we are currently having with WPF.

Other vendors have gotten similar environments already out the door.  Open Silver 3.0, for example, now has a full working environment for new SilverLight-style applications.

I would like to switch my development to Linux and have been waiting for JetBrains to come up with a solution for WPF development under Linux for several years now.

What is taking you people so long?





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