File layout XML auto-completion and schema

File layout XML auto-completion seems to have broken at some point. I remember there being auto-completion in some earlier version. I'm currently on 2023.3.2, and also tried a recent 2024 version. No cigar. Auto-completion was nice, because I used it to discover all the supported tags within Entry.Match and Entry.SortBy for example.

While I would appreciate you fixing auto-completion here, an immediate help would be if you could share the contents of the current schema file <Patterns xmlns="urn:schemas-jetbrains-com:member-reordering-patterns"> so that I could figure out all the supported tags. Would this be possible?

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Hello Pasi, thank you for your question. Please try installing the latest Rider 2024.2 EAP4, the problem with completion should be fixed there. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


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