Is it possible to make Rider suggest strings that were used in specific function?

I work in Unity with Rider. When I write CompareTag, Rider suggests list of tags. So, I would like to make Rider suggest strings that were used in function like PlayerPrefs.SetInt, or PlayerPrefs.SetString and etc. I would like to specify which function it should inspect to suggest. Also, it should suggest only in PlayerPrefs.SetInt, PlayerPrefs.SetString or functions I specify.


Hello Reddragon Levelup ,

Thank you for contacting Rider Support.

This feature is not yet implemented. However, I've submitted a new feature request to our bug tracker: RIDER-114039 Provide completion for PlayerPrefs keys defined in the project. We would appreciate it if you upvote the request to indicate additional interest for this feature. This will also allow you to follow the ticket for further status updates.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Thanks for adding to feature request.
I'll follow by ticket you provided.


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