Rider EA - not everyone getting access?


Hi, first off i'm really excited about Rider.

I've signed up for the eap, but I never got a confirmation back and no link to the ea. 

I'm not gonna nag you guys, but is it access for a few not all- can i expect a link or should I just wait for beta/release?

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Hello everyone, 

Everyone who subscribes via the form should receive an email with the links. Have you checked the junk folder? If it's not there please try to subscribe using another browser or switching extensions off (some extensions block the script that we use to push data to our mailing system). In case none of these steps help, let us know your email addresses in order to be able to send the email manually. 

I didn't get the mail too bro


Me neither. I doesn't really bother me if I'm in the beta or not.
Yet some more information from the devs would be nice...


So, I repeated the steps while having the developer tools of my browser open.

No errors showed up and I landed there: https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/submit-thanks.html
I still get no email though.

Before I already used different browsers and different operating systems with the same result :/

Sadly I cannot check my junk folder as I don't have one :p
Bad stuff arriving at the given address is directly discarded.

Anyways that shouldn't be an issue here as I highly doubt that your mail would even remotely match any of the regexes in my .procmailrc

Also I get other emails from jetbrains to that same mail address
as it is the one for my jetbrains account.



Yes, looking at your logs I can see that emails were sent but didn't reach you and were bounced with the following message: https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH93089.html  


Which is ironical, because the notifications of this forum about your answer also go to the exact same email address.
And they arrived :p


We use different systems for license emails, support and marketing, the latest one is being blocked on your side. I'll forward the email manually. 


Hi, I installed Rider on a Linux system yesterday. I see that the license is only valid till 21 December. Does that mean that the testing period will end in two weeks? Am I able to re-install it or so, to be able to go on testing after that?


Hi Jan, 

Every EAP build is valid a month from its publishing date. As a rule, we publish a new EAP build before the previous one expires. 


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