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First, I'm really liking Rider. It's lighter than VS 2015 whilst at the same time being better than either VS 2015 or VS Code for doing .Net Core - especially with intellisense and multiple projects.

As Rider includes a variant of Resharper, which is not free, I presume it is going to eventually cost at least the equivalent of Resharper itself and probably more.

I understand the need for charging for IDEs (I have paid licences for PyCharm and WebStorm), but in order to avoid becoming dependent upon an IDE I may not be able to justify the price of do you have any ideas yet as to what the charge is likely to be?

Official comment

Hi Karl,

While we haven't yet finalized licensing and pricing, the final price tag on Rider will most probably be somewhere between the current price tags of ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA.

The overall licensing framework will be similar to other JetBrains products: that is, two-tier licensing (personal, commercial) will be used, and Rider will be available both as a standalone subscription and a part of the All Products subscription.

Please, make it a bit more affordable for indie devs, pls pls. 

Jura Gorohovsky

We have announced licensing and pricing last week in this blog post.


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