Step back during debugging


Hi all,

is there any possibility how can I do step back in a debug mode? In VS there is a yellow arrow and it's possible to move it by mouse.

Thank you for reply.



Feature is actually there, but for now not that easy to discover.

Put caret to the line where you want to move execution and call "Set Next Statement" from context menu.


I have a dumb question.  What is this caret you speak of?  It's not the cursor.  When I put the cursor to the line I want, I see no such thing from the context menu.


@Steve, my previous answer is outdated. Now you can drag the yellow arrow similar way as in VS.


Could you explain it in more detail, I can't find the yellow arrow in IntelliJ.


Hello, in Rider it looks this way:

There are arrows Skip to Here and Run to Here, you can find more information in the corresponding Help section.



I'm using Rider for UE4 and this looks different for me.

I'm on the latest version. Am I missing something?


Hello Tobias, 

In Rider for Unreal it should be added soon as well, since it was recently added to CLion, as it  is mentioned in the corresponding post.


Does not work when you break on exception. You cannot step back a and evaluate what lead to exception. This is super annoying during debugging.. such thing is working in Visual Studio.


Hello Jindrich Cincibuch, could you please provide some specific example when you can step back in VS and unable to do it in Rider? It should work unless the exception is thrown by external code, so a sample would help us to identify the issue.


Hi Olga Diakonova

In Rider Docs > Skip to Cursor it is mentioned:

You can jump back, that is to a statement that was already executed. In this case the already executed statements are not undone.

VS features a historical debugger. This should allow to step back and see the previous value of variables. Does Rider have such a functionality or is it planned? This would be a game changer.


Olga Diakonova

Hi, see this, cannot move the caret to other part of the method when in catch block. VS can do this, it is very useful for debugging since you can then rerun the code which thrown the exception. Without this debuging in Rider is pain.


Jindrich Cincibuch, is it possible to share a project sample which could help us to reproduce the issue? You can send it with an issue on our tracker, you can make it private there.


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