Debug and run ASP.NET Core using Rider on MacOS


How can I debug and run a web server On MacOS using Rider?



Hi dozwu,

simply start the .net core app through the run/debug dialog. There is currently an issue with dotnet core 1.1.0 and the path where the build is stored. Best is to keep your core version at <= 1.1.0-preview1-final.


I have the same problem. Debug button doesn't work. It starts the project but breakpoints don't work.


Hi Web Kpaba

This is quite an old thread and the initial issue can't be reproduced since Rider 2018.1. Could you please provide some more details? What are your Rider version, project type, and target framework? The best way is to create a new issue via Help | Report a bug (log will be collected and attached automatically). 

Thank you in advance! 


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