Dotpeek supported?


Is dotpeek supposed to be built in to the IDE? The installer for dotpeek has no integration option for Rider. 


Bottom line is that the ability to look into dll's is one of the features the rest of my team is quoting about why to keep using VS and I just want to know my options for this. 

Official comment

Yes, Rider does have an integrated decompiler, similar to how ReSharper does in Visual Studio.

Whenever you see a library symbol in your source code, use "Go to Declaration" to have Rider decompile it and present the decompiled type in the text editor. You can then continue to navigate within decompiled code to other types etc.

If you've navigating to a type that is part of the .NET Framework, Rider will try to fetch the original .NET Framework source instead of decompiling.

Thanks for confirming. Neither of those things occur when I attempt to do that with my own compiled dll's, third party dll's, or .NET Framework symbols. I also do not see a library symbol that you mentioned.


Since this is the case, I believe I should be filing a bug? Or do you think there's something I overlooked? Thanks in advance for the help.


When I said "library symbol", I meant any code that is declared in referenced library (as opposed to your own source code.)

For example, consider this code:

Caption = String.Format("{0}: {1}{2} \"{3}\"...",
DefaultCaption, buildString, progressString, projectName);

Here, both




are declared in referenced libraries. If you Ctrl+click either of them (or use a shortcut for "Go to declaration"), Rider should display decompiled code.

If this is not how it works in your setup, then yes, this probably justifies filing a bug. (Probably with a video that shows what you're doing and how proceeding to decompile doesn't happen.)


Thank you. I have raised as a result of this conversation. Appreciate the help.


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