Generic collections content is unavailable during Mono remote debug session ?



I've tried to switch my Unity3D development from MSVS 2015 to Rider rescently.

Everything was great, until I tried to examine contents of one of my List<string> in a Mono remote debug session, attached to the unity.exe process.

It displayed number of items correctly, but only a warning instead of content: "<Unknown type> This request is not supported by the protocol version implemented by the debuggee."

Is this a known issue? Are there something to be done with it? The shining future was so close, but now I have to fall back into gray and dull MSVS present.. )


This issue makes the debugger almost useless for Unity debugging. Really hope for a fix soon!


Just pulled the latest plugin from ( master, 2016.11.28 076b05ad40a64e550253be48a87f9782679e550a ) and it works now! Thanks God and JetBrains! ;)


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