Custom NuGet Feed


Can we add a custom NuGet feed?



Thnx for the feedback. Not yet. But we will try to implement it before RIDER public EAP.

Kirill Falk  


Most established teams have their own nuget servers, so this is a must for people to start using Rider in anger


Keep up the awesome work guys! 


This is a show stopper for us. We have all of our packages on MyGet.

Is there a setting hidden where we can change the remote feed address? We only need to point to one repository, as it proxies the packages from the official nuget feed



I have to confess that I have't tried this, but you should be able to edit the NuGet.config file to add a new package source. There isn't a user interface for it right now, but you can click the "Repositories" tab in the NuGet window and click to edit the NuGet.config file, where you can add the new source. You'll also need to restart Rider to get Rider to reread the file.


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