Inspections - keyboard navigation?


I love the inspections feature - if that's what they are called. Those things tha give you 4 green dots under your code and a lightbulb in the gutter and a suggestion how to make your code better in some way.

Now the question: is there keyboard navigation for those? Lovely as they are, it is quite tedious to click on the dots, then on the bulb, then on the pop-up. In files, where I have multiple corrections to make, I'd like to rattle through them with some quick keybord shortcuts - e.g. like Ctrl+. in VS.

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Hi Michal,

Just hit Alt+Enter. That's where you get all the quickfixes and other context actions.

Hmm, I'm trying this in 144.5171 on Windows 10 and Alt+Enter does not bring up any pop-ups, even when when the cursor is placed in a word underlined with the 4 green dots or a blue squiggle. Might be a bug though :)

I've tried the Visual Studio and Default keymaps. Alt+Enter seems to be mapped to "Show Intention Actions" - is this the right one?


Yes. Show Intention Actions should be the correct mapping. Could you please file a bug here?, along with a screenshot if possible? 



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