Making monogame project


Rider experience: brand new (build: EAP Rider RS-144.4757)

C# Experience: Dabbling with Unity3D


Creating a plain MonoGame project ended up being fairly easy once.  This is just for setting things up for the most simple of projects: what the MonoGame template creates in Visual Studio.  My goal was to only use Rider and online resources; I didn't want to use VS at all.

  1. Create an Empty Project - in my case, I called it Sandbox.
  2. Use NuGet to find Monogame.Framework.* and choose the operating system you're using; in my case, for Windows I choseWindowsDX.
  3. have a look at the code automatically generated for Visual Studio.
  4. Create the Program.cs file using the code at the URL.  In my case, I had to replace the namespace with Sandbox and comment out the #if and #endif lines. (aside: anyone know why those might not work in Rider?  Or might it be an external configuration/limitation?)
  5. Create the Game1.cs file using the code at the URL.  Again, I had to replace the namespace with Sandbox.

From here I was able to build and run the project with the Cornflower Blue window popping up.



We apologise to not giving feedback in a proper time. 

This issue related to an old EAP and now should be resolved. 

Please, contact us if you still have this issue or in case of any other questions or problems. 

Thank you! 


6 years later what is the best way to install monogame?

I can't find any recent tutorial.


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