Anyway to customise code style?


Either with an xml file or a hack or something, I really want my brackets K&R Style! :)


As far as I can tell it's a very bespoke schema, happy to share mine though by all means.

check this file :

and near the bottom the multi line string callied resharperSettingsFile is my dotSettings file 


If you have Resharper, you can export "team shared settings" (sln.DotSettings) for these, and Rider seems to respect them. I had to change the tab size from 4 to something else and then back to 4 before it respected that setting, though.


Not really supported, but if you want to try and modify the XML files, here is information on them:


Thanks for the heads up!


Greg you're a genius, it worked!


Any hints for those of us without ReSharper? The documentation link appears to be dead. Pasting a demonstrative XML file would be of great help.


Awesome, thank you! I took the liberty of posting the DotSettings part as a gist, I hope you don't mind.

For the benefit of others: all I had to do was put that file in the same directory as the .sln file. I imagine you'll have to adjust the name to match your project.


Yeah no problem at all dude. And yes naming must be exactly the .sln name + .dotSettings and in same location as .sln file.

so if your sln file is called mycsproject.sln, then this file should be called mycsproject.sln.dotSettings and rider will read it like a champ


Can someone explain me how to use the files ?


Thanks for the workaround. Note I had to put my settings in a file with a ".user" extension i.e. `solutionName.DotSettings.user`.


Note, while this work, it won't help with changing style for private fields from _lowerCamelCase (default in Rider) to lowerCamelCase (default in R#).
Even if you add it to your setting file (the R# default aaBb) it won't be picked up by Rider (AaBb will), I guess Riders as well as R# sees that it is the default, only problem is that it isn't really default for Rider which (at least currently) have aaBb with a leading underscore as default


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