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I have tried to modify colors, making is similar to Sons of Obsidian theme, but the changes didn't apply to the project (Unity proj, C#).
Is it an issue or feature under development?


I've had the same issue - some color settings seem to apply, but mostly they get ignored.


Hi guys! Try adjusting `All Rider Defaults' color settings page this will help.

However I too find the inability to adjust settings from General or Language Defaults pages a bit frustrating. We're working on merging R# and IDEA highlighters in settings. 

I hope to fix this prior to the next EAP.


Moreover, I think the fix will help to use exicting IDEA schemes in Rider as is or with minor modifications


Thanks Alexander - fixing it in `All Rider Defaults` has definitely made a difference.

Looking forward to the next EAP!


I didn't get what is "All Rider Defaults" and where it is..


Thanks for reply. 
I just received info letter about new Rider version release. Look like color schemes added there.. But not clear how to add them. 
The only what I get is that window , and it's not possible to drag jar. scheme there

What did I miss? 



Select «File» → «Import Setting» from the main menu and follow the instructions. After the IDE restarted go to the Preferences, expand «Editor» → «Colors and fonts» tab and choose the installed theme. 


Thanks, that works. You made good changes, but 1 found issue here - if you change colors in class tab, that doesn't affect to opened .cs files. Only reopening or writing new code helped


I'm still having problems with this and I don't have an "All Rider Defaults" options.  In particular, I cannot get the "Tag Name" for "ASP.NET" to stick.  No matter what I put, it always shows up dark red.


This issue related to an old version and now should be resolved. 

Please, contact us if you still have this issue or in case of any other questions or problems. 

Thank you! 

Permanently deleted user

how do i change the color of the window tabs?

in active state it is easy : Editor/Color Scheme/General -> Tabs/Selected Tab 

in hover state however I cannot find the option to change the current behaviour from darkening the tab background to turning it 50% dray


Hi, Laurent.
Unfortunately, Rider doesn’t have a built-in option for highlighting effect, on hover, but one can create a plugin for custom UI Theme with necessary features.
To create a plugin with that effect please follow the steps below:

  1. In IntelliJ IDEA, clone this project: Then open file “resources\theme_basics.theme.json” and add the following code in it:

    "ui": {
         "EditorTabs": {
         "hoverBackground": "#006e72",
         "underlinedTabBackground": "#00898f",
         "underlineColor": "#1AEBFF",
         "underlineHeight": 4

  2. The “hoverBackground” option is used for changing background tab color on hover. 
  3. You can get more information about other options (Customizing the Color of UI Tabs).
  4. To build a plugin in IDEA, run “Build -> Prepare Plugin Module ‘themebasics’ For Deployment”:
  5. To add a created plugin into Rider, open settings: “File | Settings | Plugins” and use “Install Plugin from Disk” option.

Please let me know if it helps.

Kind regards,
Maxim Isaev.


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