About "Rd Framework"


I recently watched this talk where Sergey Shkredov gives some details about the framework (mentioned as "Rd Framework") used to make IntelliJ and R# communicate together.

I found the solution to be very smart and I can see this framework being useful in a lot of other contexts.

Is there any plan to open-source it in the future ?


We have discussed it internally, and we feel it would be nice to open source, however, it's currently a low priority, as we're concentrating on building the product.


I totally understand this is not a priority right now. But I'm very glad to hear that it might be under consideration in the future.

This framework could for example allow .NET/HTML/CSS MVVM desktop applications, by "simply" implementing the protocol in NodeJS (using nw.js or electron as a frontend). That would be fantastic !


By the way, this framework has been open-sourced! It is available at https://github.com/JetBrains/rd


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