How often are new versions released?


How often are new updates released? Is there a road map with approximate dates, or a special date that is desirable for compliance?

I also noticed that youtrack can specify a number of versions that are generally not available for download: for example, now it's 2017.3.1 and 2018. Sometimes they even have tasks. As I understand it, they are too raw to use, because they were not published. The question is, is it possible to somehow join their testing?

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Hello, Alex! 

Sorry for a bit late answer :) But I suppose this info could be helpful. 

Generally, we have 3 releases in a year - in the middle of spring, summer and in December. After release, we could have several bug-fixes. 

Before the release, we open several EAPs - Early Access Program - that you can install before normal release. We appreciate EAP feedback, this allows us to make release version better. :) 

Also, we have "Nightly builds" that you can obtain following this article



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