Debugging is a pain in the...


Am I missing something or is debugging painful? When an exception occurs, the trace window stops at some external lib function 20 levels deep, showing me a mass of external library code (which is amazingly useful... sometimes, but not most of the time!) and the line of source in my code is somewhere down in the list.

On top of that, the exception is buried in the 'Variables' window in $variable, and I have to scroll the variables window miles to the right to see what the heck the error message is!

Surely I'm missing something?  I love using Rider to write my code, but for debugging I have to go back to VS as it's just too painful in Rider.

Please tell me how to make it easy! Is there an Exception viewer? Can I turn off the non-my-code displayed in the 'Frames' panel?

Also, how about a 'Break on unhandled exceptions' option so my session doesn't break every time a correctly handled exception fires?


Would love to see response from jetbrains. The debugging experience is miles from visual studio.


Hello Jason and Anton,

Sorry for the delayed reply. We have implemented a new exception viewer in v2018.1. You might want to try EAP build, which was released yesterday:

We would be grateful if you share your thoughts about it with us. The team is constantly improving Rider debugger and appreciates any feedback!

'Break on user-unhandled exceptions' option is available in "File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger".

Hope this helps.


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