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Hi there,

We use resx files for translations. And Since the latest update rider gained the ability to automatically generate the *designer.cs files that go along with such.

I have Rider installed in English but my Operating System is German (can't change that, company policy).


My problem is now as follows: When Rider generates the *.designer.cs files the comments (e.g. Looks up a localized string similar to THE STRING YOU TRANSLATE) it does so in German instead of English. Is there some way to configure the language?

It is quite annoying when some of us use VS and it is in English and some of us use Rider and it is in German (merge conflicts ahoy).

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Hi, I'm duplicating the answer here for those who will encounter the same issue. Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure the language at the moment, we will try to fix it in v2018.1. Please watch RIDER-13042 for updates. 


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