Adding Microsoft Edge to list of browsers for web app


I'm having trouble running a web app that works in Visual Studio, but does not in Rider.

In Visual Studio - the browser launches and i see my site. 

In Rider - there's a brief flicker of something but the executable dies almost immediately. No logs or anything that I can see. 

Two questions:

1. I'd like to add Microsoft Edge to the list of browsers configured in Rider since that is the one that is behaving best with my web app right now in visual studio. Has anyone done this because i'm not sure of the settings to use (e.g. is it really family Internet Explorer?). I added the (rather obscure) path to Microsoft Edge in windows\apps but app still didn't run.

2. Is there any output or anything i'm missing other than console/debug output to try and figure out why nothing is happening? As I say, this starts up fine in visual studio. Are there generally some differences between the start configs for Rider and Visual studio that i should be looking at?



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