Develop Unity 3D in Rider



Can I use Rider(Linux version) to develop Unity 3D ? I can find any templete about unity in new solution dialog window.

If I can, how to do ?

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Rider doesn't have any means of creating a solution for a Unity project. Instead, you must first create a project in Unity. Once you have added a C# script in Unity, you can double click the C# file and at that point Unity will create a solution and .csproj files and then they can be opened in Rider. In other words, Unity is the driver here - Rider will integrate and work with an existing Unity project.

The first time you install Rider, you'll need to configure Unity to open C# files in Rider - Unity doesn't know about it by default. You can do this in two ways. Perhaps the easiest is to simply double click a C# file. Unity will generate the solution file and open it in MonoDevelop. Close MonoDevelop, open Rider and open the solution file with Rider's Open menu. Rider will then configure Unity for you, and the next time you double click the C# file, it will open in Rider as expected. Alternatively, you can manually configure Unity via the External Editor settings. Simply browse for Rider and set it as the external editor, then double clicking a C# file will open it in Rider.

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