Rider should have a Community Edition


Visual Studio 2017 has a Community Edition which is almost equivalent to Visual Studio 2017 Professional Edition. In compared Rider doesn't have any Community Edition at all. And till now Visual Studio is most popular IDE for .NET development. To compete with Visual Studio in market Rider must have a Community Edition with more powerful features compare to Visual Studio Community Edition. If not Rider could not be a preferable IDE in .NET world.


For commercial development Rider is preferable. VS license is much more expensive.

When we are talking about personal usage, well, you know JetBrains Licence service is like war in Fallout game series: it never changes.


I think it'd be helpful for those who are price sensitive (such as students) to get going with Rider, so that when they start making money later they can upgrade to a more feature-rich tool that they're already familiar with. 


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Thanks for your question. 

Unfortunately, we're not currently planning to launch a Community Edition. We might re-evaluate this in a few years, but right now this is not planned.

You might want to check out the information about Rider complimentary licenses (free for students teachers and many others). Also, it's worth noting that Rider EAP and Nightly builds are free of charge.


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this is something that creates waves for your product, if you know what I mean. the more people get to use it for free the more community you develop which helps in spread the word to different organizations  and professionals and there you get organizations who can decide if they want to switch to Rider from VS.



They should have Community version of software for every single tool. As Suheylz mentioned  the more people get to use it for free the more community you develop which helps in spread the word to different organizations  and professionals and there you get organizations who can decide if they want to switch to Rider from VS.


Now the main thing, i know many people using cracked version of JetBrains production, i heard that even there are small companies using cracks for this software and they dont give a shit (excuse me), everybody knows about cracked license codes and fake license servers. And im assured JetBrains knows as well...

So why dont you make community version, for example for students, for those who are beginner in computing and coding??? 

Remember, miser pays twice!


I have the All Products Pack and I'm happy to pay for it. The support is fantastic and in general I'm very happy with the JetBrains suite of products.

But I'd like a friend to be able to work with me on *a project*. It would be useful to be able to enable him to access a 'sublicense' in my account (that I can revoke, or change to give to another person). That would give him exposure to the JetBrains suite, and the experience of a stable version (where EAP instability might put him off). It might also provoke him to buy a license for himself in the future.


Hello Hugh!

Thank you for sharing this suggestion, but unfortunately, the case described is not possible right now. According to the current license agreement users with a personal license cannot share it. I would suggest using Rider trial period or EAP builds which are free. If one month for a trial period is not enough, you can request for evaluation extension by contacting support.


They should launch a Community version, at least for Linux. Since the only IDE that existed (MonoDevelop, on which Visual Studio for Mac is based), since version 8.0 Microsoft no longer supports Linux, and therefore, it no longer runs on Linux (the latest version for Linux was 7.8 , while on Mac it is already in 8.3). I am sure that many MonoDevelop users (among which I include myself), would use their IDE.


I am going to throw my hat in this arena too. You should have Community edition under the same rules as IntelliJ. This will give .net core exposure on linux and mac and will position you as the sole proprietor of paid enterprise level tooling for Windows, seeing how MS is too uninterested. It makes all the sense for you mid to long term. 


I don't work at Jetbrains, but I don't really see how Community edition will help JetBrains. They already dominate in linux/Mac world as ide providers for .net. If you want to check possibilities of the ide in your business - use trial period and then decide if you want to buy a license or not.
Community edition may be fine for beginners, but here you have Visual Studio Community which will work for you in most cases.

I can only guess, but rider community version may appear only in case, when MS rolls out VS for linux. And its not really clear, how much time they need to port all the functionality of VS onto linux/Mac platform. May be at some point it's not even profitable for them.


I disagree, .net is all but dominant on Linux platform, its pointless to say they are dominant in .net when .net itself is obscure. And it will remain obscure unless more products are developed on it and community adopts it as a platform more powerful and capable than Java, starting especially with Open Source projects that thrive on Community tooling. Its not about beginners, its about facilitating tools for mass adoption of the technology, exactly to jump ahead of VS. Because if VS enters Linux (which luckily is not so easy for them to do), the game is over, for community and enterprise alike. Open Source people will not buy JB product so they could write code for free, its just not happening. But open source people tooled on JB tools will seek that tools in their work environment, and that's where the money will come from. But for that to happen, .net on Linux has to grow strong and not be just MS's side-school-science-fair project. 


I think a Community Edition for Rider is a good idea as long it's like PyCharm and it only supports pure C#, VB & F# development. If people want support for Web Development, Other Frameworks, and Database/SQL they should buy Rider Ultimate.

Comparison between PyCharm Community Edition and PyCharm Professional Edition:



For me a Community Edition would be great. At work I have Ultimate Editions from Jetbrains and VS. But I'm not allowed to use them on my private Computers. MS fills this gap with their Community Editions and that's for me the main point why I prefer using VS for C#.

Please consider a Community Edition for Rider and other Jetbrains products.

BTW: Happy new year :-)


I personally am about to leave university. I have been a loving IDEA (java development environment) where I have been a user before university. I found out (1 month before I'm no longer a student) that students can get free copies of all JetBrains IDEs (for "school" work). 

Due to this pandemic I decided to take this time to learn a similar but different language, such as C#. My first choice would be Ryder as the IDE for C# however because I only have a month left, I decided to try a free alternative such as Visual studio, however, it didn't suit me (nor the very similar Visual studio code). So I tried Ryder and love it.

I am a student in a pandemic so money is lacking, I'm not sure on the C# language and really need a IDE I'm comfortable with if I am to decide if I like the language, otherwise I may belive I dislike the language thanks to the IDE I am essentially forced to use. 

A community version for personal use would really help me (and others) decide on the language. Im not saying for myself because I am planning on buying a subscription to jetbrains when I have a stable job as I have really loved IDEA and PYCHARM (even though I didn't like the language). 


I too would like to see a Community edition of Rider, as well as all JB products, made available similar to how MS offers VS Community edition. As a solo dev trying to expand my knowledge, the more products that are available the better IMO. While a 30-day trial is a nice to have option, a Community edition would be even better. As mentioned above, not everyone has the funds to be able to afford the full blown version, nor are they always in school so the educator edition doesn't apply. Further, it appears that JB is no longer supporting nightly builds not do they have an active EAP available. JB currently makes IntellJ IDEA available in an EDU edition without the need for being in school, why not offer the same for Rider? Is there some sort of MS licensing we're not being made aware of? If not, JB seems to be coming off as greedy.


Hi Ke6n,


Currently, we are not planning to release Community Edition of Rider in the near future. Note that, aside from student licenses, we also provide free licenses to Open Source core project contributors. You can read more about it here.


Well, if no Community Edition is released you could at least price it appropriately. Compared to IntelliJ (and it's pricing) this is just not worth that much money considering the state of development it is in (it's only 10€ less than IntelliJ as a personal license). IntelliJ is very refined, almost no issues with newer versions, each Rider version has a lot of new and old bugs and annoyances that the community keeps reporting to support the development, but it's just not in the same state as IntelliJ and should be priced like it.


I do support the Idea of Rider having a Community Version. This is the best time to dominate as Visual Studio is not yet available on platforms such as Linux. This is a huge massive advantage for the Rider community as the Rider is available on the Linux platform. Making it free will give you a chance to get a substantial Linux-based user base. This is the right time to dominate Linux before Visual studio is available on Linux. After that, no one will ask or talk about Rider. Rider is as good as dead as soon as Visual studio Community will be made available for Linux. It's not about being cheaper than the visual studio. Remember, The companies usually buy software and their revenue is enough to afford Visual studio. Just competing on the basis of the low prices will sweep off Rider from the market even before people get to know about it. The thing is, It is barely used even after being cheaper. While Rider Community will introduce more people to it and developers might start switching to it. Eventually forcing companies to keep up the Rider IDE in the market. You know it's Wise advice and either way I am quite sure they just want to sell Rider to Microsoft at some point.

Also, the fact that Dotnet is made by Microsoft, Microsoft can bring all the necessary features in Visual Studio to support the development. 
In any case, If Rider provides me with 2-3 more features, I don't really care because I don't even use all the features of Visual Studio. For companies, the Cost of IDE is not that big of a factor. I am sure the support of visual studio will be way better and so It's still worth getting visual studio instead of Rider at any price. However, Rider can try to give it a fight. Else it's just a march towards a dead end. I don't really see any other way for Rider to survive this.



What seems to be obvious is that we, as (mostly) paying users of Rider, wish to see Rider gain popularity. We want to see JetBrains enjoy greater success. And we believe a community edition would serve to strengthen all of us.

I might disagree about restriction to core development: most people cut their teeth on web, and it would be very difficult to prevent people using the .net templates with Rider. However, a simple license restriction on commercial use would do, and JetBrains would get better visibility of users who have not yet bought a license.

I echo a comment above, relating to the popularity of .net on Linux. Many people don't even know .net runs on Linux at all. Many would likely buy the IDE if they knew it did. Many developers would likely even switch to Linux - if Rider had not existed, I likely would not have. JetBrains has a unique position to raise the profile of .net on Linux, and that benefits everyone.


This is what will happen, they will realize that nobody wants to pay to use their IDE, so yes, they will release the community version, and nobody will want to use it anymore


These employees really seem like robots with all the copy-paste responses going on.


Rider should have a community edition like pycharm and intelij. If people start coding in rider, they will want to use it when start the professional life.
If someone ever coded using visual studio since graduation, why would they want to pay to try a different tool that "do the same thing" but could be worst?

And adding an important information, jet brains should accept more currencies than us dollar . The price should be adapted for the reality of each country.


Why should I pay for Rider if I'm not used to it? Why would I even consider switching to Rider instead of staying in my comfort zone with Visual Studio, where I'm already productive? Why invest time in learning Rider and adjusting my workflow when I'm already efficient using Visual Studio


Because not everyone runs Windows. With the latest news of Visual studio being that they will be dropping support for mac. 


We are going to get a lot of users here wanting a community edition for mac soon


They lost a subscription to me already. My company wanted to pay for Rider, but I decided against it personally because I don't want to use Rider at work, and be forced to pay when I work at home on my own small hobby stuff.

Can't be bothered using Rider at work, and VS at home and having to learn 2 IDE environments either.

Hello Jordan,

Regrettably, at this time we're not planning to release a Community Edition; we may revisit this decision at a later date, but there are no current plans at this time.

You might want to check out the information about [Rider complimentary licenses](https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/buy/#discounts?billing=yearly). Please note that every [major version](https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/whatsnew/) has its new trial period. Also note that [Rider EAPs](https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/eap/) are distributed free of charge.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Have a great day!

Thank you for the response :)

I will look into the EAP, that should be on the pricing page.


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