Debugger slow compared to Visual Studio


 Im currently working on a monolothic ASP NET MVC 5, .Net 4.6.1 web app and i have problems with the debug startup time in JetBrains Rider. When using Visual studio 2017 it takes around 60 seconds for the entire web app to start but with Rider it takes atleast 3 minutes. I havent changed the default debug settings. We are using entity framework with lazy loading. Generally everything seems slower when using rider to debug, I have tried to disable resharper build.


This is an issue for us as well.
We either have to switch to VS to debug or run the process from Rider without debugging and attach the debugger once the app is running.


Same goes for us as well. I hope Rider's debugger will improve soon


Disabling solution-wide analysis improved my debug startup time alot. The cpu or memory didnt max out when it was enabled but it for sure slowed down the debugger.


Same issue here! I launched my application through Rider by clicking the debug button and the application took over a minute to load. I then just tried running the dotnet run command instead (without the debugger) and it worked perfectly fine and was super speedy. I then tried to attach the debugger (rather than launching with it attached) and same thing. Back to being super slow.

Looks like there's an issue with Rider Debugger. Any updates on this? Seems to be a common problem from the comments above. Please, please, PLEASE don't make me go back to visual studio!


I've started experiencing this suddenly. I have no idea what the deal is. 


Hi all.

We apologize for the late reply.

Here is an issue in our tracker. We would appreciate if you provide an additional information at it. OS, Sample solution if it is possible, how long an application runs and how long the debugger starts.

If you use  MAC + .net core that the cause of the slowdown is the .net core debugger engine. It works much slower on MAC.


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