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I extensively use T4/text templates for many repetitive tasks in my code. When trying to run one from Rider, I get this error:

TextTransform.exe is broken, try to install Visual Studio 2013/2015 SDK

I might be able to either copy that file from VS or make a junction point somewhere if that would work, but I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get this working.

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Thaks a lot for contacting us!

At the moment Rider uses TextTransform.exe util from Visual Studio SDK if it is installed on the PC.
And there is a known issue with the utility from Visual Studio 2017, for example:

So you can use the utility from VS 2015/2013 as Rider suggests, or try to fix it in 2017.
We are going to implement our own T4 engine, and do not use VS ones, here is an issue to track. Please, feel free to vote for it.


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