Try to debug with Unity on Android device


Hi there!

I'm trying to attach the debugger to my android device to be able to stop on a break point inside Rider.

What I do is simply starting the app on my device, then in Rider Run >> Attach to Unity process... and select the device.

The debugger is successfully attaching to the process.
At this point the running app seems to stop and after few seconds crashes; the debugger detach from the device.

The test was done on Unity 17.3 with "Scripting runtime version: Stable (.Net 3.5)"
Then I tried with "Experimental (.Net 4.6)".
This time the app didn't crash but didn't stop to the breakpoint either.

Any suggestion?






Hi Diego,

Thanks for your feedback. What Rider version are you using? Does the issue reproduce on the latest EAP build?



I found a very similar issue with Unity 2017.2 and Rider 2018.1 on macOS, but I could actually attach to a Unity game deployed to an Android device when using the "Scripting runtime version: Stable (.Net 3.5)".

I can pause and resume the application, so the basics seem to be working, but I can't get breakpoints to work. When I create a breakpoint it shows as a red circle with a black slash, and hovering it shows this message: "FILENAME is not found among the loaded symbol documents".

Any idea on how to solve it?



I have the same experience as Jordi, I can successfully find the remote Unity process over WiFi but all I can do is pause the process, it can't find any of the C# symbols... I'm using Rider 2018.1 EAP with Unity 2017.3.1f1.




I am having the same issue running Unity 2017.4.9f1 and Rider 2018.2.3.


Any solution to this?




Hi Niall. If this is still actual for you, could you please try to update Rider and Unity to the latest version and check if the problem persists? 



I am now running Rider 2019.1.2 and things appear to be working correctly.

As an aside, your network must have multicasting enabled for debugging to work. My office network had this disabled and we could not attach or debug at all until this was switched on (previously mentioned issues were on a different network configured correctly).



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