New User Question: How do I step over properties in Rider on Windows?

Hey there,


This might be a silly question to some, but it's peeving me to no end. I was developing on a mac, and when I pressed F10, I would step over properties. However, on windows it steps to every single call. For example: 

Say I had, "if (object.ObjectName.ValTypeTrue)", I would have to press F10 3 times. Once to get to ObjectName, once to ValTypeTrue, and once again to return to the beginning of the line before I could step over.

On the mac, if I hit F10, I would just go to the next line, be it inside the if block or in the else block.

Can anyone give any tips on which settings affects this? I've tried everything I saw in the debugging menu, but it is really annoying me. Thanks for the help, and I apologize for the dumb question.

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