Are there any namespace refactoring rules you can set such as excluding certain folder names, etc?



    I saw in a post in regards to Unity that Rider will automatically exclude the Assets/Scripts folder from being included when automatically applying/refactoring namespaces. Is there a way in which I can manually add included/excluded folders for this? I have a different organizational method I use and different names for folders aside from just Assets and Scripts, so it would be nice to be able to put my own in.





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Please, try to go to Your folder | Right-click menu | Properties set the checkbox "Namespace provider" off.

Is that what you want? If no, please, feel free to let me know and describe more detailed your case.


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Thank you for the info, that definitely is helpful and takes care of most of the problem. What would be great though, is if you could right click on a folder and set exactly what you want the namespace rule to be, something specific instead of simply enable or disable. An example would be if I have a folder somewhere in my project and I want everything in that folder recursively to use "namespace SpecificName" and not have anything to do with the actual folder names or structure, but allow me to define in the folders properties what I want the contents of that folders namespace to be. 




Thank you for the feedback. 

Here is an issue in our tracker which seems to be about what you described. Please, feel free to vote for it.



Thanks, I appreciate it. I voted and added my suggestion to it. 


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