How to add Razer Page?


I noticed that there are no way to add Razor Pages from the add new item prompt. Only views are available. Am I missing something or how can I add Razor Pages?


Has anyone figured this out? There is no option to create a new Razor Page in 2018.2. Having to manually do it is cumbersome.


Still not available in Rider 2020.3. And no way to copy and paste an existing one in the UI and rename to get around it.  Such basic functionality missing. Very, very disappointing!

And still need to create an Umbraco project in Visual Studio and then open in Rider because there's no option for a truly empty ASP.NET web application project without all the unwanted scaffolding. Makes you wonder what we're paying for sometimes.


Hello Craig, the option is already added, you can also copy any .razor page you would like and duplicate it with simple ctrl-c ctrl-v and rename it too. For the empty project, there is in fact an option to create an empty ASP.NET project on the initial window. If you have any difficulties or questions, please let me know the details.


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