Configuration of file layout in Rider?


Where can I configure file layout in Rider?
I want to change order of methods/parameters/properties after cleanup.
The default configuration is not acceptable for me.


It is tantalizingly frustrating that this is available in Resharper in VS for C# code, but not for VB.Net or in Rider.


Unfortunately, Rider doesn't have file layout editor at the moment, here is the corresponding feature request: RIDER-15021.

Possible workaround: If you or anyone on your team is using ReSharper in Visual Studio, you/they can configure file layout using ReSharper, save changes to a solution-wide settings layer, commit the resulting .dotsettings file, and Rider will use the modified file layout settings in this solution.

Tim Indeed, VB.Net file layout is not supported either in ReSharper or in Rider. The YouTrack issue is RSRP-449714.


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