Rider doesn't recognise ValueTuple


I have a method like

(string value, string errors) TryGet(string variableName);

and rider gives the error

This project builds fine in Visual Studio, and the System.ValueTuple nuget package is present (which is the most common solution to this issue).

This error is in Rider 2018.1 nightly build from April 30th.

Has anyone seen this error and know how to use a project like this in Rider?


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This turned out to be an issue with the version of MSBuild that Rider was configured to use. When I used the stand alone build tools, the error above was shown. When I switched to the build tools supplied with Visual Studio Professional (the preview version in this case) the issue went away.

For anyone else with this problem, try selecting a new option in the Use MSBuild version dropdown in the Rider settings dialog.


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