Two Macs, same network, how to work on shared Unity project?


How do I work on the one project, at concurrently, on two Macs at the same physical location, using the same router?


I've tried opening the project on the second computer out of a shared folder on the first Mac, but this just causes masses of errors (hundreds) and never resolves them.


Is there some other way I'm supposed to use to share something like this with myself?


Ideally you should be using source control for moving between two computers and I think that is the best way to resolve this.  You should always use source control even if you are the sole developer on a single computer.

As far as getting this resolved using file sharing, I am not sure as it sounds like there is probably something wrong with how the share is configured or maybe its a rights issue.


Can I do this locally, without having to use a source service?


You can do it, but setting that up is a bit outside of the scope of this forum.  You will need to setup one of your macs to share it over https or ssh or something, google for it, look at the git docs, or poke around stackoverflow.

There is really no reason not to use an online service though, you can setup a private repository within minutes using bitbucket or github.

If you are new to source control it may seem daunting at first, but it is well worth learning.


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