Rider invisible after creating solution.


Hi, I took Rider for a spin, after installing the latest version ( 2018.2.3) off JetBrains Toolbox (1.7.3593 (Feb 14 2018)
OS kernel winnt 10.0.17134 on x86_64).  I can create a solution with .net core but after that, the Rider app goes invisible. I tried switching off a monitor since it the altab windows list showed rider as a rather elongated icon, but that did not help. If however, I alt tab to it and issue Alt+f4, it shows the confirmation dialog for exiting at the lower right corner. So in effect, I only see the entry and exit screens.



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I found a work around -> Alt + Space  and x to maximize . 

Other things I tried : Reinstall, Windows + M to see if it was running the background, event viewer has nothing, Private bytes in Task manager kept growing

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I'm on 2018.3.2 and can confirm that this is not fixed-- it happened to me on a fresh installation.

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Same thing happening to me, but only for a single solution. The rest appear correctly. Cannot restore window at all. 


A "reset settings" option would help IMO.



UPDATE: Tried deleting .ndproj, .dotsettings and the .idea folder. Still nothing


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