Directory diff to other commit

Our workflow is pretty standard: start a feature branch of the main branch, code the feature, show all the changes to a colleague, merge feature branch into the main branch.

For code review we typically use TortoiseHg Visual Diff feature + KDiff3 (or any other diff tool capable of comparing directories). You can give it two commits, and it outputs you the diff in a tree view.

Is there such a feature in Rider/Idea?

The closest thing I found is the ability to highlight multiple commits in Version Control - Log. That way you can see all the files changed in those commits, but it's not very convenient to select all the commits from a branch, and then it still will be dir diff to a branch base, not to the destination (which is the main branch). So, for example if some changes are already grafted to the main branch, I'll still have them in the diff.

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