Filesystem browser/explorer in addition to solution explorer


Hi there,

Would it be possible to get another tab like the "Solution" tab which would simply show all files in the filesystem structure, from the root of the project (or from a configurable "root")?

For example, I use Rider with Unity. In my Unity project's root directory, I have a file (e.g., for showing on the front page of GitHub). However, in Rider, I can't really navigate to it easily or see it, except for clicking on the "Assembly-CSharp" little "Arrow Navigation" at the top of the screen under the top toolbar. Except - I have a ton of other .md files for documentation all over the place, and can't easily see them at a glance. Neither can I see my tons of .txt configuration files in /Assets/Resources/... that I would like to be easily able to navigate to and edit.

If I right click "Assembly-CSharp" and click Add -> Add Existing Item, I can get one thing at a time added to the Solution Explorer. However, for whatever reason, those eventually disappear (presumably Unity overwrites the solution configuration?).

So, please, give me an ordinary filesystem browser that I can edit all my non "solution" files in my Unity project.



Two options

Option 1, use the open file shortcut to access files (CMD + SHIFT + O on mac, no clue on windows.)

2. Option 2, choose to always show all files in solution explorer by clicking on the setting icon in the solution explorer bar.


Option 1 is preferred :) fewer mouse clicks leads to proficiency 


Thanks Luiz. "Show all files" is great, that's new to me. Unfortunately, it also clutters up the project window when all you want to do is write code and flip between code classes. It would be best, IMO, if there were another sidebar item you can flip to in lieu of the Solution Explorer that would be a Filesystem Explorer which would basically be the Solution Explorer with "Show All Files" always enabled.

In the alternative, a "hotbar button" for show all files, and/or a hotkey, would not be a bad thing.



"... it also clutters up the project window when all you want to do is write code and flip between code classes."

Then use option 1... switching between files will take less than a second even after your project scales to 100s of files.

You can also filter by symbols to improve your search results. I don't use windows so I don't know your shortcuts.



Thanks Luiz.

Yes, I also use the Mac. I also switch between files using the various navigational shortcuts and command-clicking, etc. (I have been using JetBrains products for a long time and am an avid mouse avoider.) However, sometimes it's nice to see the files laid out graphically, otherwise why even have even the solution explorer let alone the "all files explorer" that I'm asking for.


If solution explorer feels like a mess and I want to see the files that exist near another file, I open the file using "CMD + SHIFT + O". Then (while the file is opened in the editor) press OPTION + F1 and then hit enter so that solution explore will automatically focus on that file.

If you find  "OPTION + F1" too tedious, and you wish this behavior to happen every time, there's an "auto scroll from source" option that is near the "show all files" option that you just learned about.


Thanks Luiz.

As I (tried to state), the problem isn't that I can't navigate to a file I want to see, and know its name (or class name, or symbol name), which has an easy navigation.

It's that there is no easy browser for files separate from the browser for the solution.


Hi all!

We have good news. The File System Explorer will be shortly available in Rider 2018.2 EAP  (here or in Toolbox app).




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