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We often have a very warm attitude to the Rider at work, and many are waiting for him to become more stable, but my hands itched so much that I apparently relocated to him definitively. However, our team almost unanimously responded negatively to some things in Rider, which were not implemented in the best way, in our opinion.

These include such a commonly used function as 'pin tabs', which in the visual studio is much more convenient due to the fact that pin tabs are taken out in a separate line.

In case they are not displayed in a separate line, they are automatically fixed to the left of the other tabs. Also on the tab there is a button that allows you to quickly pin tab.

Pin Tabs, in the form in which they are in the Rider now they seem completely useless. They did not create the convenience in working with them, because I can not move to the pinned tabs quickly, they are lost in a huge number of open scripts.

In the current situation, I have to work through the Favorites function and the created macro to quickly create a Favorite script, but it's still a wild pain, because for me to access them I have to keep a separate window.

Please consider the full implementation of this feature.



Like in Visual Studio:

Like in Rider now (pain):


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback! We consider implementing both a separate row for pinned tabs (IDEA-181212) and a 'pin' button in tab header (RIDER-11901). Please watch the issues on Youtrack for updates.

To make 'pin tab' process less painful, I would suggest creating a shortcut for "Pin Active Tab" action: go to "File | Settings | Keymap", find the action, and add keyboard shortcut with right-click.


So I could really use some help here as well,
my "pinned" tabs keep disappearing to the left.. which defeats the entire purpose of pinning them 



Steve Datz

Disabling the following option will keep all tabs grouped tightly and always visible (at the expense of shrinking their titles):


Arina Efremova thank you so much! what a relief 


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