Code Alignment

I have been using Rider for some days now and I find it very good so far. The only thing I am currently missing is something like the code alignment extension of Visual Studio. I know, it sounds stupid, but after I started to use it, I can't go back anymore. I can easily align all my declarations and everything looks nicer :).

current Auto-Align extension is not flexible enough and doesn't work for my purposes. with Code Alignment I can decide which character to use as anchor, I.E.:

readonly WeakReference<EnginesRoot> _engineRootWeakReference;
readonly SharedStructNodeLists _sharedStructNodeLists;
readonly SharedGroupedStructNodesLists _sharedGroupedStructNodeLists;

would be aligned as

readonly WeakReference<EnginesRoot>   _engineRootWeakReference;
readonly SharedStructNodeLists                 _sharedStructNodeLists;
readonly SharedGroupedStructNodesLists _sharedGroupedStructNodeLists;



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