Xamarin - avoid to build and redeploy if there are no code changes


I like Rider IDE, however I would like it even more if, for Xamarin projects, it would follow the same deployment process as Xamarin Studio.

In Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop), when an app is deployed to a phisical device or emulator, if the app crashes it can be relaunched immediately without rebuilding/redeploying.

This feature is very useful in debug mode: when a crash is due to a bug, I may need to investigate further, adding breakpoints, immediately (before making any change to the code, therefore with no need to build/redeploy). In this case, XamarinStudio (not compiling and redeploying, but just launching the app on the device/attaching debug) saves me a lot of time vs Rider or VisualStudio (both of them are rebuilding and redeploying the project before launching it in debug mode).

I don't know if this behavior can be achieved just by settings (in that case I would be glad if someone tells me how) of it would require code changes.


Massimo La Spina



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