Visual Studio Tools for Docker Support needed


Both the Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio for 2017 have Tools for Docker,

This create and add an extra project named docker-compose into a Visual Studio for Mac solution.

With the right customization, this tooling is super valuable  for micro-service development and debugging for containers across multiple ip addresses remotely as well as locally. (docker network create blah blah blah.., and docker run --net foo --ip bar ...)



Actually, Rider has a bundled "Docker integration" plugin. Please find the documentation here. Is this what you are searching for?


Not exactly, speaking for the OP here. But it fails to load the `docker-compose` project and run it nor does it allow remote debugging from what I can tell


Yes, we need to open .dcproj projects.


I have teams working a solution from either Rider or Visual Studio. 

Rider needs to support as many project types as Visual Studio 2017 does.

Rider is truly a better choice if and only if it does not impair a .Net project or solution cross different development environments such some team members still are the fans of Visual Studio or a fan of Mac.

At least support the various project templates for .Net Core from Visual Studio.

The docker project from solution create with VS 2017 using docker support will not function as VS 2017 does supporting multiple docker deployment override inside its docker project.

Please add this docker project support because some of us having various devops approaches and styles.






This issue is still present, any news?


Hi all,

Good news: Rider 2018.2 can now load docker-compose.dcproj if MSBuild with Microsoft.Docker.Sdk targets (e.g. Visual Studio's MSBuild) is selected in "File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolset and Build". Moreover, it is now possible to debug ASP.NET Core apps in a local (Linux) Docker container. See this blogpost for a how-to.

Unfortunately, Docker Compose (docker-compose.yml) won't be supported in veriosn 2018.2, please vote for the corresponding issue on YouTrack if you need it.

Please visit this page to download and try Rider 2018.2 EAP build. The stable release is planned for the end of August.

We would be grateful for any kind of feedback about Docker features in Rider.

Thank you!


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