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This might be offtopic as I don't use Idea for a long time but what I missed in visual studio was vertical tabs, with productivity power tools I can have them and with regexp, I can even color them but the sorting is very confusing.

As unity dev I click a lot and as I work on a big project I have to use many many classes (500+) and I wrote all of them and during the years it got very messy. Keyboard shortcuts won't help because in unity you need a mouse and if you have to move a hand from mouse and back just to select something and look somewhere then it takes more time then few mouse clicks.

So what I am looking for is tab organization .. I think if there is a possibility to sort them by name and group by a package (directory in unity) it would be better than I have now in VS, where's just an alphabetical order or last save the order.

What I really like on the PPT plugin in VS is that I can have 2 columns of tabs - one for the usual stuff which is very messy and second for the important things I am working on right now but if it's more than one problem (right now I am fixing sound and music and working on one new feature) then it's uncomfortable.

Actually, the idea/rider tabs are already the best but this would help a lot.


Thank you for the feedback!
It may help us to avoid misunderstanding, if you add couple of screenshots.


I hope I'm not too late here, but this is also something I'd like to see. Again, this feature set is part of the extension called Custom Document Well, formerly called Productivity Power Tools.

Not only can you display the tabs vertically and control their width, you can also pin to the top and, just as importantly, you can color-code them via regular expressions. So I can force it to always color tabs in my "web" project a certain color, and tabs in my DB project a different color. Finally, it also groups them by project rather than order of opening. So in my screenshot below, all the tabs that are of the same color are in the same project. So all my data tabs (open files) are grouped together, all files in the web project are displayed together, etc.


Hi Forsythe Tyler,

Thanks for your feedback. You can already configure tabs in Rider in the same way:

1. Go to "File | Settings | Editor | General | Editor Tabs" and select Placement -> Left

2. Go to "File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | File Colors" and make sure that "Enable File Colors" and "Use in Editor Tabs" options are selected

3. Press "Manage Scopes" and define the scopes you need

4. Add color label for these scopes

5. Voilà

See Rider docs to find more about scopes:

Hope this helps. Should you have any questions, please let me know.


Thanks Julia for your help, it is helpfull to be able to set colors to projects.

I have done a mini-tool to automatically create scopes and assign a color to a project :


But it would be mush more helpfull to be able to group tabs by project.


Hi Vincent,

Your RiderAutocolor tool looks really cool!

Tabs grouping feature depends on this feature request in the IntelliJ platform. Please feel free to upvote it and add a comment.


That's pretty neat. What I would like to have though is a kind of visual group by project. So that there's a bit of padding in between groups and files appear in their respective group (Project Name) like it does in Visual Studio. Right now it's colored by project which gives a slight separation, but still it's all random from top to bottom as you open the files.


Thanks god I found this thread. Didn't have idea this was possible. I also used to have that Document Well extension in VS. You really rock JetBrains! 


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